Stump Removal/Grinding

If a tree on your property has been cut down or fallen, you may be left with the stump still sticking out from the ground. Although many people consider this to be a great aesthetic feature for their garden, there are many good reasons for getting rid of it and either simply having it removed or better still putting it through a grinder.

At the Dynamic Arborist, we offer a professional stump grinder removal service throughout Ferntree Gully.

Why Remove It?

As noted above, you may want to leave the stump sticking up from the ground, perhaps:.

  • As a reminder and tribute to the once great tree that stood there
  • Gives an aesthetic and natural feature
  • An organic form of seating


Those ideas might sound good and even work for a while, but you must understand what could happen if you don’t deal with a tree stump properly:

  • It can be an impractical obstacle for normal yard work and activities
  • It will take up space you could use more productively, either for plants, vegetables, grass or even a new tree
  • Stumps can attract a lot of unwanted pests like ants, bees and termites
  • Will make mowing your lawn a lot trickier
  • Are a tripping hazard and health and safety risk

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Arborist

You may think you will be able to save a bit of money if you handle the task of stump removal and stump grinding yourself. Like most of the work we do here at The Dynamic Arborist, it is a more involved and complex job that requires specialist equipment that is better in the hands of an expert.

Therefore, if you have been using Google and other search engines to find a “tree stump removal service near me”, then look no further than Dynamic Arborist. 

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